Top Tourist Destinations in Africa

Mother Africa - the home to the cradle of mankind. A fierce land of untameable places and an indomitable spirit.

Africa is one of the last great wildernesses on earth. A continent of deeply rooted cultures and passionate people. It is a place that endears itself to all the visit her shores, subtly changing them forever.

Africa is home to all.

Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia

Holidays in Africa

Holiday Tours in Africa
Elephant Walk

    Elephant Walk – Zambia

    Join the awesome team from the Vic Falls Adventure zone for an encounter with Africa’s giants on a half day Elephant Walk This amazing experience starts and ends at the adventure centre in Vic falls – with transfers to the Mas­uwe…

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    Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro - Tanzania
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    Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro 7 Days – Tanzania

    Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro – the rooftop of Africa, with its iconic three volcanic cones Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. As part of the 7 summits – climbing Kilimanjaro has become a top mountaineering destination for those seeking to challenge themselves. Mt. Kilimanjaro…

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    Trophy Tiger Fishing Challenge 2019

      Zambezi Tiger Fishing Challenge 2019

      Experience iconic Africa on the amazing Zambezi tiger fishing challenge in 2019. The twin Sekoma and Ilombe island lodges are based in the heart of the Caprivi strip within Zambia. The are ideally situated on the Zambezi River a short…

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      Great Migration Tanzania

        Great Migration Tour – Tanzania

        8 Days

        The Great Migration is one of the natural wonders of the world. Every year a vast number of animals make a 3000 kilometre circuitous journey across the vast grasslands that stretch across the Serengeti plains to the Northern Serengeti and…

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