Woodland Wonders

The Forests of Africa hum with colour and sound. The whirring of Cicada beetles intermingling with the constant chatter of monkeys and the lilting song of birds high up in the canopy.

Africa's forests are as diverse as the people themselves - from sub-tropical jungle thicket to ancient giant Yellowoods and Ironwood tree's dominating the skyline.

Our forests are home to some of the most diverse bird and animal species on earth. With an abundance of Fauna and Flora that make up the various forest bio-domes across the continent.

Africa is home to many unique Forest experiences from multi-day treks to see mountain Gorilla's to zip-lining through the tree line anchored between 600 year old giants.

We have put together all the most amazing forest tours and experiences. Book yours today.

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Best Seasons:May, June, July, August
Popular Location:Magoebaskloof, Tsitsikamma, Knysna

Forest Tours and Experiences

Find the best Forest experiences and Tours in 2019
Storms River suspension bridg

    Explore Storms River

    Explore Storms river on this epic self drive tour. The town of Storms river is surrounded by the Tsitsikamma forest and famous for the Storms river suspension bridge, spanning the estuary mouth. The region is home to some of the…

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    Hiking Tsitsikamma

      Guided Hikes – Tsitsikamma Forest

      The guided Hike through the Tsitsikamma forest is a must for avid nature lovers looking to know more about these indigenous forests. The word Tsitsikamma – translated means ‘place of water’ and this is clearly evident in the flowing streams…

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      Bird Sanctuary Tour

        Bird Sanctuary Tour – Garden Route

        1 - 3 hours

        Birds of Eden is the largest Free flight dome in the world and covers around 2 hectares of pristine forest, rushing streams and water ways and connected by a 1.2 km boardwalk which takes visitors through this incredible environment. The…

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        Zipline Canopy Tour

          Zipline Canopy Tour – Tsitsikamma

          2 Hours

          Take in the sights and sounds of the magical Tsitsikamma forest on this amazing zip-line canopy tour. The 2 – 3 hour guided tour takes you into the Tsitsikamma forest, onto platforms built around giant Outeniqua Yellowoods, 30 metres above…

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