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Man has always been drawn by the magnetism that the under water realm holds, to discover its secrets and marvel at its sheer vastness in both size and its diversity. To swim deep below the ocean surface and experience the sights, sounds and serenity of being underwater, is to experience first hand the majesty of creation.

Since the invention and perfection of the rebreather - diving has evolved into a world wide pastime. South Africa has many of the top dive sites from wrecks to reefs, some of which are yet to be explored. Our waters attract visitors from around the globe, who easily fit in with our local Dive community.

All our top dive destinations have dive schools on hand -ready to get you trained and into the deep blue to experience the amazing underwater world.

All our tours and destinations have been carefully selected to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced divers alike.

So be Brave, Be Bold and Go Diving.

Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania

Scuba Diving

Top rated scuba diving trips
Raggie Bonanza - Aliwal Shoal

    Raggie Shark Bonanza – Aliwal Shoal

    Join the passionate team from Aliwal shoal dive centre to experience the Raggie Bonanza, to see the incredible annual breeding migration of the infamous Ragged tooth sharks. Each year in the months of June, July and August thousands of these…

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    Reef and Wreck Dive Aliwal shoal

      Reef or Wreck Dive – Aliwal Shoal

      Join the team from Aliwal Shoal dive centre on one of their premier reef and wreck dive experiences. Aliwal shoal is a world renowned dive site, with over 10 unique reef dive experiences from Raggies cave to the Cathedral and…

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      Baited Shark Dive - Aliwal Shoal

        Baited Shark Dive – Aliwal Shoal

        Join the team from Aliwal Shoal dive centre on one of their premier dive experiences – a baited shark dive. This incredible adventure tour starts from the dive centre and heads out on a short 20min boat ride off Umkomaas.…

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        Learn to Scuba

          Learn to Scuba – Port Alfred

          4 Days

          Join the experienced team from Outdoor Focus and learn to scuba dive. Discover the incredible beauty and mystery of the ocean depths by becoming a RAID open water diver. This entry level course is called Openwater 20. It teaches beginners the…

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